12 essential stops on a car route through Asturias


If you make a trip to Asturias, you can move by public transport through the center of the region but going beyond Aviles, Oviedo or Gijón is the best way to get to know Asturias. That is why we propose a route by car through Asturias that touches so much the main thing that you should not miss as some localities that will surprise you.

Asturias, like Santina, is "small but gallant" and offers contrasts that will surprise visitors.

Green hills and mountains, high stone peaks, and coastal towns are expected, but you probably don't know that in Asturias there is a civil building that almost triples the dimensions of El Escorial, that the legacy before Imperial Rome is still alive in the castros or that the gastronomy of Asturias has Michelin stars and not only lives of fabada and cachopo or that there is a Museum of Anchors Philippe Cousteau looking at the Cantabrian.

In this article you will find suggestions of destinations for a weekend getaway through Asturias, based on the fact that we have rented the car at Asturias Airport.

Although if you arrive by own car, by train or by bus, the route and the map that we include at the end will also inspire you to use yours or rent it and tour Asturias.

If there are destinations that you can see in just a few minutes (such as the Mirador del Fito), others need hours (such as the Mining Museum) and others a whole day (such as the cities of Aviles, Oviedo or Gijón), so you will have to Come back with more time, I guarantee it.

Index of contents

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  1. Maritime Museum of Asturias (Luanco)
  2. Labor University (Gijón)
  3. Jurassic Museum of Asturias (Colunga)
  4. Mirador del Fito (Caravia)
  5. Sanctuary and Lakes of Covadonga (Cangas de Onís)
  6. Museum of Mining and Industry (San Martín del Rey Aurelio)
  7. Steelworks Museum (Langreo)
  8. The views from the Cristo del Naranco (Oviedo)
  9. Pedestrian streets of San Francisco and Galiana (Avilés)
  10. Niemeyer Center (Aviles)
  11. Fishing village of Cudillero (Cudillero)
  12. Castro de Pendía (Boal)
  13. 1.- Maritime Museum of Asturias (Luanco)

    The profile of Asturias is defined by the bites of the Cantabrian Sea, creator of beaches and cliffs. It is the same sea that sailors have sailed for centuries, many times without returning to port.

    In the Maritime Museum of Asturias, in the fishing village of Luanco, we find permanent and temporary exhibitions on that world.

    Small fishing boats where only one or two people went out to fish, carpentry as a trade linked intrinsically to the construction and maintenance of boats, are just some of the sections of a complete exhibition that includes biology and history to better understand the world of sea.

    A visit to the Maritime Museum of Asturias (3.50 Eur adults, all prices and schedules here) is an essential way to get to know better the relationship between Asturias and Asturias with the sea.

    2.- Labor University (Gijón)

    A complete school city, with dormitories, classrooms, workshops and dining room to accommodate 3000 students, so you could define the Universidad Laboral de Gijón. He was born in the mid-40s as a private institutional aid to the training of children whose parents died in accidents at work in mining and it was an imposing construction.

    So impressive is the Labor University that far exceeds the size of the probably best-known monumental building in Spain, El Escorial.

    Labor University of Gijón in Asturias

    Abandoned practically in the 80s, it ran the risk of being demolished by the municipal government on duty to build homes. He got rid of that black destiny, was rehabilitated at the beginning of the 21st century and today houses a functioning theater, temporary exhibitions and several offices of the regional administration, in addition to a degree from the University of Oviedo.

    The Labor University can be visited mostly for free and free, with rates for guided tours and access to areas not otherwise accessible.

    Accommodation in Asturias

    As one lives in Aviles, less than 30 minutes by car or bus from Oviedo and Gijón, I have had few occasions to stay away from home, but I know these hotels of different budgets that may interest you as a base from which to explore Asturias.

    - Avilés: NH Palacio de Avilés, Hotel Don Pedro, Hotel Palacio Valdés

    - Gijón: Hotel Abba Gijón, Hotel Silken Ciudad de Gijón, Hotel San Miguel

    - Oviedo: Hotel de La Reconquista, Hotel & Spa Princesa Munia, Hotel Ovetense

    3.- Jurassic Museum of Asturias (Colunga)

    Especially if you make a trip to Asturias as a family, the Jurassic Museum of Asturias in Colunga is a fun and entertaining visit.

    The MUJA offers educational workshops for the little ones, explanations for the older adults, guided tours or with audioguide and numerous dinosaur replicas abroad, always a fun excuse to take a selfie without danger.

    Essential, if we want to ensure the visit, make the purchase of the ticket online because you have to select the day and time of it. This is also valid for Wednesday, free access day.

    Discounts in museums of Asturias

    You can combine, with discount on tickets, visits to several museums in Asturias of which are mentioned here and some others. This network of museums offers discounts on tickets to the others once one of them has been visited. The museums where discounts can be obtained are the MUJA, Teverga Prehistory Park, Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center, Labor City of Culture, Interpretation Center of the Sierra del Sueve and Interpretation Center of the Piperón de Libardón (see conditions or restrictions at the box office).

    For example, and since we have just talked about MUJA, when presenting the entrance of the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, a reduced rate will be applied at the entrance to the Teverga Prehistory Park, to the Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center, to the Labor City of Culture, the Interpretation Center of the Sierra del Sueve or the Interpretation Center on El Gaitero de Libardón

    And, on the contrary, a reduced rate will also be applied in the MUJA when presenting the entrance of the Teverga Prehistory Park, the Tito Bustillo Rock Art Center, Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, the Interpretation Center of the Sierra del Sueve or of the Interpretation Center on El Gaitero de Libardón.

    4.- Mirador del Fito (Caravia)

    Probably the point that first comes to mind when I want to express what Asturias is is the Mirador del Fito (or “Fitu”In bable).

    The Sierra del Sueve, the Cantabrian Coast, to the Picos de Europa are visible from this fantastic viewpoint that in 360º brings together the best of Asturias: sea, mountains and peaks.