Program of events and festive events in Gijón during February


The shortest month of the year is not a month without events in Gijón. The saltiest city in Asturias (its best known tourist slogan is precisely "Asturias with salt") has a good number of concerts, events and festivals in February, as you see in this program of events for the month.

You are still in time to participate or buy tickets for many of the events that boost the day and night life of Gijón (we promise that for the events of March we will let you know in advance). And, in addition, there are for all tastes and all ages, including a festival designed for children.

Two of the main events, In-Door Gijón Y FETEN They have two very different audiences, as a perfect example of that variety we discussed.

Marina, Gijón, Asturias

The “In-Door Gijón” is a electronic music festival, which comes out of the musical concept associated with summer, and which is celebrated in Gijón on February 22 and 23.

FETEN, the European Performing Arts Fair for boys and girls offers in its XXVIII edition exhibitions, presentations of book representations and much more for both the public and professionals in the sector.

Here you have, with links to their official pages to expand the information, events, festivals and concerts of Gijón in February 2019:

Saturday 16Victor ManuelLabor Theater City of Culture
Saturday 16“Gijón Trail”Mountain's race
Sunday 17Victor ManuelLabor Theater City of Culture
Sunday 17“Gijón Trail”Mountain's race
Do 17 to Fri 22FETENSeveral spaces
Friday 22ndIn-Door GijónElectronic Music Festival
Saturday 23In-Door GijónElectronic Music Festival
Saturday 23Javier RuibalJovellanos Theater
Saturday 23Glackma Asturias CongressSeveral spaces
Sunday 24Glackma Asturias CongressSeveral spaces
Sunday 24"The price"Jovellanos Theater
Sunday 24"Ugly!"Labor City of Culture
Sunday 24Musical "Supercalifragilistic"Luis Adaro Fairgrounds
Wednesday 27Ibera AuriJovellanos Theater
Thursday 28“Genocide in the Burmese rice field”Jovellanos Theater

Tetro, musicals, concerts, festivals, exhibitions and much more (some events in a framework as impressive as the former Labor University of Gijón), for all audiences It is what awaits you in Gijón in February.

Plan a getaway to Asturias and don't miss it.