Visit to the Maritime Museum of Barcelona


The Maritime Museum of Barcelona It is located in a privileged place at the end of the Ramblas, overlooking the mountain of Montjuic and the monument to Columbus.

It is located in the historic building of the Drassanes Reials which also has an excellent terrace where you can have a coffee or a snack.

The Maritime Museum has more than eight decades of history focused on the work of promoting knowledge and the preservation of maritime culture in the city.

Since the birth of Barcelona as a city, it has been linked to the Mediterranean Sea both in its customs and in its activities. The serene sea swell has outlined its cosmopolitan character through invasions and commercial activities.

The Maritime Museum of Barcelona

In fact, one of the legends of the toponymy of the city places us to the mythical Hercules by docking his ship (the ninth of the Roman expedition) and heading to the mountain of Montjuic. From the top of the mountain, he looked at the city and when he fell in love with it he named it Nona boat in relation to the ship that had transported the hero to the place.

The building of the Drassanes where the museum is currently located has been dedicated to the construction of ships for centuries and during recent years in the cultural dissemination of ships and the maritime history of the country.

Upon entering the museum you will see some spacious lockers We can use for free. You can even place scooters or other large items.

Audiovisual map of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona

Once we pass the ticket control we will find a counter in front where they will offer us a audio guide that comes in different languages.

There is permanent and temporary programming.

Drassanes and Galleys

In the permanent exhibition Drassanes and Galeres (Ataranzas and galleys) we will learn the history of Barcelona across the sea, its expansion through the Mediterranean through images of ships and two rooms with audiovisuals. And it brings us with models, replicas, videos and even smells to the history of the Royal Atarazanas of Barcelona in remote times of the Middle Ages until the fifteenth century.


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The galleys, those great vessels, were the protagonists of the Crown to achieve their goal of conquering much of the Mediterranean.

In a interactive room We will see several panels where we can learn in a playful way and see if we are able to identify each of the professions and materials that were used in their constructions, we can even try a galley paddle to get an idea of ​​the effort involved.

Also, an audiovisual brings us closer to the war conflicts in the Mediterranean starring galleys.

Trying to appear on stage in the audiovisual of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona